Willing to explore who you are

  • Me: “Are you going to attend the school?”
  • Him: “Yes!”.
  • Me: “So, you are going to tap this Clipper card and when the train comes, you get on, then get off at the place you need to and tap it again so that it counts the distance and charges you”.
  • Him: “huh, that is new to me”.
  • Me: “so you are new here right”
  • Him: “Yeah, I am from Ohio, where I am from, things are not like here, the airport here is so big”.
  • Me: “Yeah, welcome to the bay area”.
  • Him: “oh, it seems that the train is coming”.
  • Me: “right, it is about to be 1:15pm”.
  • Him: “could you sit next to me because I might need some help”.
  • Me: “so did you enjoy writing essays and preparing to apply for the school?”.
  • Him: “oh yah, there were around eight questions for my essay”.
  • Me: “So, what was a question you like the most?”
  • Him: “Tell us about something that is meaningful to you and why.”
  • Me: “Wow, yeah.”
  • Him: “So I talked about how my friends and my family are very meaningful to me. Stanford is pretty much more interested to learn about who you are as a person rather than who you want to become like Harvard cares about.”
  • Me: “Well, but I am curious about how they will evaluate that because every person is unique by his own.”
  • Him: “Yes, exactly, that is why I think I am lucky to get in.”
  • Me: “Because the person who read your essay like you :)?”
  • Him: “Yup.Frankly, we are not supposed to know very well who we are, yet it is more about how we are willing to explore who we are as a person”
  • Me: “That seems very deep, but how do they differentiate someone who is telling about their true self and who is just seemly good at writing. I guess they sort of know the difference” (Inside, I was truly impressed by how a 18 year old understands to define himself and also understand who he is is going to be extended furthermore, instead of just that).
  • Him: “I bet they know but I think it is through how you express yourself, they know.”




“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

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Hong Tran

Hong Tran

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

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