Soapy apple

Hong Tran
2 min readMay 20, 2022


Have you ever eaten an apple that tastes like soap? I did it today, it was such an interesting and refreshing moment.

I was kinda sad all day because I did not get to do what I want to do at work. Life is not easy and we all tend to make a big deal of it. However, that is not to say we should stop there or give up, because life is also interesting and beautiful, we just do not see it in some moments.

While I was nailing on my suffering, my mindfulness drew me back to the fact that I am a human and I was hungry. I came out to grab a bun and then an apple. The moment I took a first bite, the juice in my mouth was as if wanting to come out right away “what is it stuff ?! soapy”. It woke me up from my sorrow. It threw me a truth that “hey, one day we will all die, why being so serious?”. If apple can be soapy, perhaps I can be anyone who does anything, as long as I can add values.

When we immerse ourselves into the emotions, we do not give our eyes the space they need to see charming things around them anymore. It paints a dark picture in front of us. Nevertheless, it is a precious chance for you to connect with your inner self to understand what hurts you and which value was speaking. And, “life is short”, bake some cake, get some more sleep, and get over our feelings, we will feel alive again. The discomfort while going through tough situations, the brutal honesty to yourself are our treasures and our materials to build our lives.

Everything will be okay ❤