What a unique experience for me today to join a close friend’s wedding that was online because of Covid 19 and Nelly’s parents are still India. Originally my friend told me that she had a huge news I could already figure out her wedding but I never thought it would happen that fast and simple via Zoom. My reactions were like “this does not feel like wedding”, “this is more like a game” and she nodded “yes, game of life”. The moment I joined the zoom, I still could not feel it real. There were roughly 36 people joining. We were all muted by default. After 10 minutes, Nelly appeared and then disappeared. Richard was there waiting. Only 5 minutes later, they exchanged vows, we as audience all silently cry over them because it was just so beautiful and lovely. Richard told Nelly that when he was 19, he started writing for his future wife and he gave Nelly the box of those letters. They have been together for 3 years, are best friends of each other and have worked hard for the future. That was that, love is real and simple, it is not an end but an exciting beginning of a new journey to my friend — Nelly. Their love opened my eyes about how love and marriage should be, no flowers, no rituals, no crowd, no cheers, no cakes, just they for themselves are enough! Congratulation Nelly, I am sure you will be a lovely wife.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”