Most of time we live without an awareness of how long our life can be and indeed, we have no clue. However, if you ever have experienced some kind of trauma such as cancer or novel coronavirus or extreme natural disaster, you may have some idea of how vulnerable your life is. Recently my cousin whom I am living with had Covid symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath, fever and headache and my whole family has been really worried for him. He got tested but the two day waiting for result is an intense time. He has to be separated in a room and we bring foods to him. The rest of us had gone around the city looking for a place to get a test, it was crazy. We drove through 4 test centers that were recommended by either someone who got tested or by Google but have not got a test yet. Getting the updates from my cousin about his pains is already hard, living in the uncertainty whether each of us is carrying the virus and when the symptoms will appear as well as practicing social distancing is the worst. Our house is pretty small, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room yet 4 people are living here. Everyday if we bring foods or anything for my cousins we will have to wear mask. We only have 1 restroom so we have to disinfect it regularly. And then I am sure it’s very challenging on my cousin’s side too. He is still a teenager and now being locked in a room, can’t even communicate normally or see his parents normally. Without technology, it could have been a huge disaster for him. We miss his voice, we miss how he usually complains about things and then it’s Christmas time, we could not celebrate it as a whole family. Except meals, each of us find our own corner to do our things. Then the following morning, I was woken up at 3:00am and felt a bit tired. My body was hot at that time, I guessed I had a light fever. The first thought came in was I might have stupidly crossed the line in getting close to my cousin yesterday and I should not have helped my uncle to carry a glass aquarium which was too heavy. I also stood too long holding a hand mixer to make cake. The things I did must have caused some constraints on my health and body. I thought this is not good. I could not even continue sleeping. I decided to exercise and wait until 6am to go for running. In between, I slept a bit. My running today was all about life expectancy and how I can live my life to the fullest. Because we will die some day, because how short life can be, we should only focus on what matters the most to each of us. My aspiration of having uninterrupted time to code and start something up is still there. My dream of living my life as an example to go against all kind of stereotype and expectation people put on women is still there. My hope of building a family someday is still alive. It’s overwhelming to think whether I have enough to do all of these and so many things else. My mom was almost died when she gave birth my brother. My aunt and uncles, grandma and grandpa passed away due to cancer and diseases. Things might not happen the way we want but what if we try our best to push it forward, one by one, with all of our heart into it. Life is too short to not get started, now.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”