Life is a journey

Hong Tran
2 min readMay 10, 2023


Until this day, I realize one truth that life is indeed a journey. What we want will help guide us in a way, but can also trick us to escape the journey in some other ways.

Sometimes, we just keep going but forget to pause and be thankful of what we have had. Wanting what we do not have is normal and very human, yet it does not bring us peace and joy. Each of us is given lots of things. We have job, money, food, water, home, family, friends, struggles, challenges, achievements, and yet they are never enough.

This moment is always a treasure. Right at where you are, with whom you are with, for what is in front of you, those are life. Do not just imagine and fantasize, focus on yourself, love yourself every second on this earth, and spread that love to other people around you. That to me is the meaning of life. To live the best as you can and leave something on earth.

What makes you sad, what gives you joy, what upsets you, what turns you hungry, are all materials that cultivate a life you want. Come back and connect to your soul and ask: where am I going? am I happy with it? how do I feel about this current moment? And not to judge yourself for however you feel, all feelings are welcome.

Do you believe that we will all get to where we want? If so, why not making the journey memorable. Challenge yourself to go beyond what you know about yourself, to do what you have been afraid of doing, to take actions toward your goals, and to stop complaining or blaming for everything that has happened to you.

This life is yours, make it truly yours.