Error, mistake, failure

While writing codes, I love errors because errors gives me some hints that the code is going in certain direction and that direction is not correct. I tend to think a program without errors is a program that has not been tested carefully enough or it is very simple and boring. In other words, error is a part of the journey of programming.

I grew up in a culture in which mistake is considered as something bad and that you should not make any mistake. Yet, we should all admit that mistake is a part of living too. There are only mistakes we should not make and mistakes we should make. Therefore, trying to avoid making mistake makes the dealing part worse. Let say we want to do something but on the way doing it, we might make mistake so the fear of making mistakes might hinder our full potential in doing it or demotivate us from doing it at all. Hiding mistakes is even worse and unhealthy since it gives an illusion that everything is fine and that we should not do anything about it.

It is the same way we should think about failure. No one likes failure because it is bitter and it drags you down. However, failure can be positively perceived as “it does not work this way, find another way” or “doing something like this is a bad idea”. Most importantly, failure helps us to appreciate success even more so it is not necessarily a bad thing. I personally think it is better to do something than to do nothing and failure reflects that.

In fact, if someone suggests me to do something because it will cause no error, no mistake or any failure, that seems very unrealistic and not interesting at all. Mistake and failure also shows that you are trying to do something over yourself and out of your comfort zone. Playing it safe is never fun!

Family never likes mistakes because they care about us and they of course do not want anything bad comes to us. However, we get to live our lives too and those are part of the journey. Therefore, a better way to deal with family expectation is to train ourselves to get back up after a mistake or a failure and to learn something out of it because simply if we cannot avoid, we get to learn to deal with.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”